SCORE Module
Enterprise sustainable development (SCORE) project

SCORE Training is designed to bring about long-lasting improvements in supplier practices by highlighting the link between productivity and workplace practices: a win-win for employees and employers. It aims at improving responsible workplace practices and increasing productivity among SMEs through professional training and in-factory counselling.

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Workplace Cooperation


In a rapidly changing world, people are at the heart of competitive enterprises. In order to realize continuous improvement, everyone in the enterprise needs to play an active role.

The first module "Workplace Cooperation – A Foundation for Business Success", is the foundation of the SCORE programme. It helps enterprises unite employees around shared targets, and involves the entire workforce in efforts towards continuous improvement.

Through SCORE Training, managers and workers will adopt SCORE methodologies to define strategies, identify a set of programmes for improving workplace cooperation, and establish a continuous monitoring system.

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

• Analyze and set goals for your business.

• Understand workplace cooperation and why it is important to enterprise improvement.

• Implement steps to improve workplace cooperation through:

a. better communication and information sharing

b. enterprise improvement teams

c. 5S initiatives for workplace improvement

• Measure improvements in workplace cooperation and enterprise improvement.